3 reasons for no website conversions

Let’s say that you launched your website and more and more people started visiting. You check your analytics daily and you feel confident enough that with that amount of traffic, soon you will get an email, more subscribers, a call, or sale.

But nothing!

Instead of waiting even more and lose your precious time, you need to find the reasons why your visitors are not converting. And always need to keep in mind that high traffic does not guarantee good conversions.

By conversion, we mean any user action that takes place on your website, like subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an E-book or a white paper, filling out a contact form, or purchasing products or services. If none of these actions have happened, then you need to check the 3 most common reasons that cause no conversions.

1. Pages with detailed information BUT without a call to action (CTA)

I know that content is the king, and you need to have enough information about your product or service for your visitors but you need to have clear elements to let them take an action after checking the information. This is so much connected to the main purpose of your website and your business.  Don’t let users think.

Tip: You can simply add a contact form or your details under your product pages or place CTAs above the fold. Text, buttons, menus, or anything else need to be clean and clear for human eyes.

2. Inappropriate keywords that are NOT based on the content

You always need to be careful and use the right keywords based on the content of the page. The users will end up on your website because they are looking for specific keywords. If they don’t find these keywords on the page they landed, they will leave immediately and this will harm your website (increased bounce rate).

Tip: Try to connect your content to the keywords cause this is what users are looking for.

3. Missing trust elements on the page

Trust is an ingredient that can build any kind of relationships. The same goes with your website visitors and your services or products. Before they get convinced and accept your offerings, they will need to check the credibility of your organization and your products.

Tip: Include client testimonials (text, pictures or videos), portfolio and previous cases, awards, certifications, and recognitions. All these elements need to be placed both on the homepage and on related landing pages.

To summarize for good website conversions:
  • Clean and clear CTAs is the must throughout your website
  • Keywords should be present in your content
  • Show multiple credibility proofs
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