3 reasons your website needs a video

Are you looking for ways to improve your content on your website? Want to improve your online presence?

Then, there are 3 reasons you need to consider video creation!!

  1. As users, we tend to have short attention span and videos allow us to consume the content super fast. This means that visitors will engage better with your brand than with a static text.
  2. Websites are changing, their role is to connect the brands to their visitors and this can be achieved by creating unique experiences. A branding video can build a strong relationship with your audience.
  3. A more technical reason is that videos are great for SEO, simply because they keep visitors on your page longer. And the more they stay on your page, the better the page performs on rankings on search results. Want more? Videos are also on youtube, Google video search, Social media and they are sharable. This means that your branded content can be reachable to more people.


Did I miss anything else?

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