4+1 reasons to prioritize content calendar creation

Content marketing depends on consistency and high quality and this can be only achieved with strategic planning. The content calendar.

Why do you need it?

1. Save time by being organised.

Instead of using several different notepads or post-it, this is most reliable method to keep your thoughts and ideas in place. By filling the calendar, it will become clear what topics to use, which days need extra content and in general, you will have a better overview of the whole marketing strategy.

2. Be more consistent

Well, I am gonna say it again and again! Consistency is the key to success. You will be sure that you post valuable content for your audience that will keep them engaged with fresh and relevant content.

3. Fewer typos and mistakes

When planning everything ahead you have the time to correct any mistakes and you gradually build a fail free workflow. First, you have time to go through the texts for any typos and syntax errors. Also with this monthly overview, you will avoid posting the same content twice.

4. Better content

By using the content calendar you will improve the quality of your posts. You can focus on the creative part and improve your content in a way that serves your branding. If you have a team, it will be easier to allocate your assets in a way to get the best out of them.

Extra: Keep track of the performance and improve it

Always check your analytics and insights for the best time to post. You can run experiments until you find the right type of content, format and platform.

Are you convinced you need a content calendar? It might look difficult in the beginning, but you should try it. Once you feel more organized and less stressed you will love it.

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