7 reasons to consider a new website

When is the right time to consider a new website? How do I know when my company needs a new website or a redesign?

Do I actually need a website? My competitor has a website, shall I get one?

These are the most common questions an entrepreneur asks quite often, either at the beginning of the business journey or at some point. Even if you haven’t thought about it, a friend, a college or your mother will ask you “Why you don’t have a website?”

First, let’s agree on some simple facts about the website:

  1. It is the face of your business
  2. And can generate leads and sales

So, simply enough, you need to present your business to the users who are sitting on their home computers or their mobile devices and you want your website to engage, generate leads, and convert.

 Now let’s answer the main question: When is the right time to consider a new website?

1. Your website is not mobile-friendly (responsive).

Don’t make me put the numbers here of how many people are using only their mobile devices to search, browse or shop. If your website is not responsive, that means it does not look good on a mobile device and that is the main cause of people leaving the page. This will increase the bounce rate and your traffic will suffer. Today’s websites need to be mobile-friendly period.

2. It’s been more than 5 years since your last website redesign.

There are trends in web designing that every company needs to follow in order to get a competitive advantage. Nowadays, we make the websites light-weighted and fast in loading time. They have social and contact links at the top of the page for easier social engagement. They have frequently updated blogs and helpful embedded videos to increase engagement and dwell time. They are optimized for search engines. Usually, those that are more than five years old, luck in engaging the visitor, they are not mobile-ready and most not convert. Redesigning your website to today’s standards should increase website traffic and brand awareness.

3. You’re not getting enough inquiries or calls.

Does your website have Call-to-actions and opt-ins? How easily can a user find your phone number? Websites need to be able to convert and the traffic should grow gradually. From a business perspective, it is always a good strategy to optimize for keywords the CTAs and opt-ins and place them accordingly on the web page. Rule of thumbs: above and below the fold help increase conversions. Your website design should help your conversion rate.

4. Your bounce rate is super high.

This number can be found on your Google Analytics account and it measures the percent of users who leave the site before taking any action. A typical healthy bounce rate is between 40-50% depending on the industry.  The goal of redesigning your website is to reduce high bounce rates and create a nice user journey with interesting content to make them stay longer.

5. Routine website edits are becoming too complicated.

If you need to code in order to make small changes on your website, you most probably have an old website that is using an outdated framework. Newer websites are using Content Management Systems that make it easy to maintain. You should consider moving to WordPress where it’s easy to make updates and add new pages. If you don’t want to do that either, there are paid services that can offer you some technical relief. (if you are interested, send me a line ;))

6. Customers cannot find you in Google search results.

This is critical. Your web pages must contain high-value keywords in the content and the code to make you relevant enough to get placement on the front page of the search engines. While redesigning your website, make sure that the minimum package of SEO is included. This means that the new website is following the on a page and off-page SEO rules, based on right keyword analysis.

7. Your branding has changed but your web design has not.

Consistency is really important. If your company has had a brand design change, but your website has not, you are sending mixed messages to your audience. You need to have consistent and recognizable branding on social, website, business cards, packaging, etc, that clearly shows your company’s identity to the visitor.

Do you recognize any of the above points? I am sure there are more signs that it is time for a new website, but try to focus on the overall experience. If your current website has any or many of the above points, you are in a need to upgrade your website.

Still, confused? Let’s talk and I am happy to help you figure it out!

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