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Web Friendly is a part of a bigger fellowship of companies, all in the online industry ready to provide you services.

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Strategic Advice

Every entrepreneur can use a little help and advice from someone who has been building companies and making them grow for more than 20 years. Let’s talk about where you want to be in two or five years and let’s together figure out what is needed to reach those goals.

Included in the advice is the use of a large and extensive international network of professionals who are qualified leads to offer additional assistance. What do you want to achieve this year and beyond? Let’s figure it out together with‘s consultancy subscription (minimal 3 months)

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Hosting Services

Unicorn Hosting is a managed micro hosting service. In collaboration with we offer managed hosting solutions for almost any company size and needs.

We know you have a problem before you do, as we monitor and improve performance 24/7 with our international team of the unicorn.

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Content Creation will do your content creation, with a strategic angle. Hassiebassie will, first of all, have a conversation about where you want to go with your online and offline communications and then start creating content for you. Whether you have a need for a professional looking at your own text, or you want us to write from the start, all is possible at doet je content creatie voor je, met een strategisch invalshoek. Hassiebassie gaat op de stoel van je klant zitten en maakt teksten, illustraties, white papers, e-boeken, foto’s en in samenwerking met 30fps video content.

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Video Productions

Whether it is a vlog, testimonial video, a event registration or just a funny Christmas greetings video, can take care of your video ideas and translate them to a professional video production using the best freelancers around. Want to work with a famous blogger, need a spokesperson? or are you doing that TV commercial, check out our portfolio at

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IT Services

Unicorn Hosting’s little sister or big brother is Unicorn IT. Need a new storage solution in the office? Are you constantly hacked? Do your employees demand more out of their hardware or software that is currently possible?

Or any other IT related issue or project: Unicorn IT can handle it with local experts and handy unicorns to find practical solutions for any IT issue. We also have subscriptions for regular IT support or helpdesk outsourcing.

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Courses focuses on offering the best workshops and courses online. All are given by an expert professional and subjects range from strategic and scalable growth to a hands-on vlogging course.

Check it out to improve your skills as an entrepreneur.

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