Content Creation.

Content is king. It doesn’t matter how good your website is technical. Without great text, photos, or videos all is lost.

We cannot stress enough the necessity of good content. And you do not have to become an experienced copywriter, photographer or filmmaker to get great content. When we started as entrepreneurs we did it all ourselves. We struggled to find the right words and hit those SEO keyword targets in our blogs. We talked about what we were passionate about, but had a hard time taking a step back and really see the whole picture.

We define creating content in 2 phases: first, we need to create the initial content. These are powerful and important words and photos centered around your brand and needs for the website. It sets the tone for your social platforms and must fit you, your business, and your audience.

Initial content offering:

These are for your website and based on one-time custom quotes for your needs. 

Words can be powerfull

Based on your input and perhaps previously written copy we deploy a professional copywriter to create text for your website. From your ‘about us’ page to the taglines in the homepage slider. We will go over every piece of text on your website and optimise it for SEO and readability, consistency and grammar. Your site will rank better and your text stands a chance of being read or at least seen by your visitors.

We are able to do this for Dutch, English, Greek, Italian or German language sites.

Included in our website and webshop offers.

For average site prices start at 50 euros for a 300-word blogpost to 350 euro for a complete overhaul of all text elements on your site.

Moving images

Either video or animation is a powerful addition to your content mix. We create company profiles, vlogs, infographics, animated sliders, full explanations or just a short animated logo. For your initial content a good company profile, perhaps a client testimonial and for webshops, some product videos are a good start.

All our moving images creation is done by the team over at RenderRebels. We are a partner of this small Rotterdam creative content production company and we have worked together creating content for our clients for over 3 years now. The experience in animation and video creation that RenderRebels brings to the table is invaluable to the success of some of our clients.

We can include a quotation for moving images for your website in our website development and hosting packages

A company profile video or client testimonial on average starts around 800 euro. These videos would include a shoot on location and an interview. Most clients combine video content creation together with photography. Full animation start at 1500 euros per 30 seconds while an animated logo can be done for 50 euros.


Almost any website requires photography, for entrepeneurs the website will in most cases require a profile picture of you and your team, it will requite background elements and for webshops with physical products, you will need several photos of your products. Over the last few years, we have done a lot of photoshoots and we are fortunate to be working with RenderRebels’s team member and full-time photographer/videographer Joost, as well as several other freelance photographers. Based on your budget and subject matter we will organise a professional photoshoot, in a studio or on location. We can also offer casting services for models or spokespersons for your brand.

A standard shoot without models, on location or in our studio will start around 400 euros. We usually organise these around the creation and development of your website, but we have done separate photoshoots as well.

Content subscriptions:

A subscription on content makes sure your content is always fresh and you have content to distribute on social media channels as well as fill your marketing campaign. 

SEO optimised blogs

Blogging for your brand is an excellent way to get noticed, bind your followers to your brand and rank higher in Google. These are just a few advantages of blogging about your company. We will create fully optimized blog posts based on keyword research to boost your website. You can pick the subject and provide us with relevant information and we will create and if needed post your blog. And we will do this on a frequency you desire.

Depending on your frequency and desired length a blogging subscription is around 100 euros per month.

All blogs are written by professional copywriters with an affinity for your business, and are checked for unique content and SEO optimization.

Vlogging and videos

After your initial launch of the website, you will require frequent content updates. Video and animation is part of that mix and we have several subscription for animated content, such as infographics or product launches or video content such as product videos, unpacking videos, client testimonials and last but not least vlogs.

Our vlogging subscription includes a shoot with autocue and custom background in our studio in Rotterdam. All vlog texts are written by our copywriters. You will record between 3 and 5 vlogs per studio session, usually once a month. The vlog is then edited and embelished with graphics and other content if needed. We create subtitles and a special Facebook/Instagram square format and if needed publish these vlogs to your website and social channels.

This subscription also comes with a full day content brainstorm to knock out subjects and create a vlog content calendar. Think your company does not lend itself well? Try us out and get a free list of vlog subjects for free.

Vlog subscriptions start at 1000 euro/month. Our video subscriptions can go as low as 175 euros a month.

Product photography and socials

An online brand has to have a good strategy to manage several social platforms, whichever you choose; you will always have a need for photos. Our photography subscription covers monthly or bi-monthly shoots on location or in our studio to create enough content for your social channels to keep your audience captivated. Once the shoot is done, we will process and selected a full stack of photo’s and prep them for publication. We also do this often for marketing campaigns that require a lot of visuals. Any none-moving graphics can be included in the subscription such as custom emoticons or stickers or headers for your photos.

A webshop will have a frequent need to launch new products and update other products. For marketing purposes or just for an ideal client experience on the webshop, you need stills to fill those product pages, special offerings, slider and banners on your site or other platforms. Our product photography covers this and offers a discount because of the subscription. This subscription works on a monthly basis or as pre-paid tickets to be booked during a period of a year.

A social photography in our studio or on location starts around 340 euros depending on subject matter, frequency and amount of social platforms.

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