Do NOT start a web-shop before you read this!!

**Do NOT Start an online store before you read this!

You might have noticed all these 35632 eCommerce gurus on the socials or youtube, who are selling courses and expertise while posing with their Lamborghinis and their expensive clothes.

No wonder that too many questions have been raised…

  • Should I start with a general store or niche store?
  • What is the best product research spy tool?
  • Do I do PPE or conversion ads?
  • Is Google still a thing?
  • Should I sell new products or proven ones?
  • How do I get sales without spending on ads?
  • Should I make a brand or just do dropshipping?

And the list can be endless…

If you follow these guys you can start thinking that an ecommerce store will give you sales in 2 minutes and let you buy a villa next week but that just isn’t the reality. The truth is it takes time and effort to build a proper store with good products that people actually want to buy, but it is so worth it in the long-run.

So, before you start, do your research first and try to understand the different business models available. With careful planning, you can build the business behind your idea, deal with the technical challenges and different platforms and finally market your products online.

Once you get your e-commerce from zero phases to launch, you should be prepared to optimize your store, follow the trends, listen to your customers and automate the procedures.

After all this information, you are probably asking yourself: “Should I start an eCommerce business?” Well, I guess the answer is clear.

Most definitely!


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