Ecommerce tip: 3 important follow-up emails

We know from our experience how important it is to find new customers for your great eshop, but it is even more essential to keep them coming back to buy again. In this era, users have a significant low attention span and this means that it is mandatory to follow up with your customers. They will appreciate the reminder or the message from you and you will build a better customer experience.

Let’s see which follow up emails you need to add to your online store.

A Welcome email

This is the 1st email the user gets when subscribes to your list. This is the first impression and it is amazing that more than 70% of new subscribers, expect to get a welcome email. So don’t ignore it!

Abandoned cart reminder

It is an email that can be sent to the users who have added products to their cart, but for some reason, they don’t complete the order. It is a kind reminder to potential clients about their unfinished purchase. You can always add to that a discount code or free shipping as an effective way to encourage them to complete the process. Aren’t you convinced yet? Then, you should know that the shopping cart abandonment rate in the retail sector is estimated at 76%.

General reminder

This email can be sent to customers who haven’t visited your webshop for a while. Extra tip: on these emails, you can use emotional phrases lie “we miss you” or “where did you go?”. This is a nice way to keep in touch with your audience, promote specific products and communicate your message.

These are the most important follow-up emails we suggest and always implement when we build an eshop. You should know that there are several ways and tools to create this automation. If you are not sure how to build this automation, comment below and we are more than happy to assist you.

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