Ecommerce tip: 3 important follow-up emails

We know from our experience how important is to find new customers for your great eshop, but it is even more essential to keep them coming back to buy again.

In this era, users have a significant low attention span and this means that it is mandatory to follow up with your customers. They will appreciate the reminder or the message from you and you will build better customer experience and the better way to do it is the follow-up emails!

Different marketing studies have shown that communication via email is more preferable than any other medium. Emails are direct and easy to use and everyone has one.

Let’s see which follow-up emails you need to add to your online store.

  1. A Welcome email: this is the 1st email the user gets when subscribes to your list. With this email, you can welcome the user, communicate your brand message, promote your social media and make an offer. The user expects a welcome email when they sign up, so why don’t you surprise them with a coupon code or free shipping?
  2. Abandoned cart reminder: this email can be sent to the users who have added products to their cart, but for some reason, they don’t complete the order. By sending this email you remind customers what products they have selected (image-text-price), engage them to go back to your shop. In case they have questions or troubles, you can add a link to your support or contact page.
  3. General reminder: this email can be sent to customers who haven’t visited your webshop for a while. With this email you can re-engage existing customers, you can communicate new products, new offers and free shipping. The goal here is to give them reasons to check out your store again. Extra tip: on these emails, you can use emotional phrases lie “we miss you” or “where did you go?”.

These are the most important follow-up emails we suggest and there are several ways to create such automation. For our Woocommerce clients, we are careful always to add such automated emails usually by using Moosend platform. You can easily link your website to it and create different cases/scenarios for automated emails that will increase the conversion rate.

If you are not sure how to build this automation, send us a line and we are more than happy to assist you.

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