Functionality testing

“We only see what we know.”


Testing starts at 175€/website

What do I get after going live?

Any website we develop will contain bugs, mistakes and even errors.

Because we built it we can test it ourselves, and we can’t catch everything, on every screen, on every platform and on every browser. Sure we get the website to 99% but the final 1% of the stuff that can go wrong will reveal itself after you go live. People will then ‘test’ the website and are very vocal to let you know if something is wrong. In the standard packages, this is absolutely no issue, as well will fix whatever needs fixing after we go live. But for those, that just can’t stand the chance of a user finding a bug, error or mistake we have the FUNCTIONALITY TESTING SERVICE.

Different devices

Android versus Apple machines and devices. From Chromebook to Powerbook. All devices must display the website correctly. For this, we need a professional testing environment and not just the devices we own.

Different browsers

Besides the operating system, most devices have multiple browsers. Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Safari are a few, but the list is much longer, all with different quirks and interpretation.


Nowadays a site will run perfectly well in the foreground but as it turns out there can be many small insignificant mistakes or bugs. These will affect your SEO performance and overall performance on the site, although without thorough testing they might never be found.


All sites have buttons and buttons are on sites. They do need to work. Other than hyperlinks which give instant feedback to a user, the buttons are ruled by small pieces of code, and the better be 100% correct on ALL platforms!


When we built your site we do that in our development environment and despite the best efforts from WordPress, sometimes an internal or external link doesn’t get copied over correctly or is hardcoded in the installation. Testing will not only reveal this but gives us a chance to correct this beforehand.

Overall UX

Does the site work on all screen sizes and what UX choices were made during design? Is everything according to spec and working as it was intended from a perspective of user interface design.

What can I do ?

that depends on how to approach this

Website development is relatively expensive and the testing can cost a lot for almost no return except for more confidence in the performance of the site out of the gate. We have for many years launched sites that needed a little work and left the testing for when we have more money to spend on the site. Our priorities are to get the site live and convert and not to make everybody 100% happy. And we will make mistakes. So if you have the time: all our tests are done by a specialist. They test as a core business and know exactly what needs doing and how.

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