Hosting and Support.

All the technical stuff you need

In order to ensure your site has the highest possible scoring on technical SEO. Search Engine Optimization, despite what you might have heard, is a complex web of techniques and content. There is no manual, there are only tried and tested methods that keep changing as Google adjust and firms up their crawler bots to sniff out the latest SEO-hack. SEO is therefore not about hacking. It is about offering a technical sound website and great relevant content. And patience and tenacity. But the battle starts with your choice of hosting.

Hosting subscription with 35€/month

What do I get for 35euros a month?

A website that works. This is the straightforward anwser

Ιf you host your website on our servers we will make sure that in terms of technical stuff, you are completely and utterly free of any hassle.

No more insecurity about technical issues with your site. Our support is personal, and we try to solve any issue within hours not days.

No, really, what do I get?

Okay, you want the list? Here we go:

Domain name

Registration of your domain name. Advice on available domains for your business or simply moving your excisting domains for free.


We migrate your current website to our servers. no hassle, no downtime.


Superfast and up-to-date hosting, a place for your website to live that is suitable for great speed and technical compliance.


Frequent updates of your WordPress installation and plugins. We will read the release notes, so you don have to


Support with any issue that might arise, including placing content.


Security with our own suite of anti-virus, anti-hack software


Fast internet acces and ping times to make sure nothing stands in the way of a high Google ranking


Optimalisation of your source code and maximum compliance to the lastest standards for SEO


Frequent backups of all your files in a secure off-site location.


Unlimited mailboxes. No questions asked.


Your website and backups, all unlimited based on a fair use policy.


Support and advice on all aspects of your website and business.

But if I look at the competition, I can have a hosting package and website for 1 euro a month or even for free.

Yes, that is correct

Please use their very generous offer to host your site and become a WordPress developer. Learn about the disadvantages of shared hosting accounts and limitations and then give us a call. We don’t hold a grudge.

Wow, all that for just 35 euros a month!

Excluding VAT of course but yes.

It is a super competitive offer that we created based on our decade long experience with WordPress and hosting. We started Webfriendly because of our frustration: As ENTREPRENEURS we wanted to focus on what matters: creating content and converting visitors. Our passion is not IT, WordPress or Woocommerce, our passion is about making other entrepreneurs as successful online as we are, and create a truly carefree online experience for them.

So you can focus on the things that matter online. Be secure in the thought that your website is in safe hands, will rank well, and is fully under your control.

Yes! This is what I have been looking for.

Sign me up!

What our clients say

Hosting Migration

FREE migration to our hosting server. We offer hosting and support, which means that after you move to us, we will keep tabs on ANY UPDATE you need on your WordPress website. We also update your plugins and keep the server running 24/7.

This includes support you need with your site itself. From advice on content to solving any technical issues you might have. All for a monthly subscription of just 35 euros


FREE perfomance upgrades, because we keep our servers humming with the latest software and hardware hacks. Ranking and converting is already hard enough without the technical challanges of keeping a website super-fast and properly accessible for your clients and the Google bots that visit your website.

Any speedtest or website optimalisation test you can find on the internet will tell you that your website is one of the fastest and most compliant around. No sweat, no need to do this yourselves. All included in the monthly plan of just 35 euros.

Safety first

FREE anti-virus anti-hack protection from us, and FREE backups on a daily basis. Even the best websites out there are in danger of being ‘hacked’. By keeping up the maintenance of your site we prevent a lot of attacks, by optimising our servers we keep access open, but if everything fails we simply put back the backup of the day before and presto! You are back in business.