New updates on Google will affect Search results

Google recently announced essential metrics for a healthy website that will affect ranking status. From my research into this, it has become clear that ‘good design’ becomes more and more important. Design is hard to define, so we did a deep dive into what Google actually means when they say ‘good design’. In additional research, we discovered a list of website ‘vitals’ as Google calls them. These vitals all contribute to the ‘health’ and thus ranking of your website in the search results.  Checking the list of these vitals, we realized that it gets a bit technical. For example, pages should load within 2.5 seconds or users should interact with them within 100 microseconds. This is one of the easier to understand vitals.

The following metrics are important for delivering a good page experience in Google Search:

Loading performance, we already discussed one aspect of that, such as the 2.5 seconds for loading in general, but Google goes further than that and brings out new guidelines or restrictions on additional load time issues.

Interactivity. This has mostly to do with the way content is presented and the fact that one requirement is that users can interact with content within 100 milliseconds of loading. There are also no guidelines on navigation, meta tags and several other areas of interaction

Mobile-friendliness. A hot topic, I think we don’t need to tell you 60% of search traffic is mobile, but still, there are websites out there that have great content but are mobile unfriendly. The changes are designed to force the owners of those websites to finally tackle their responsiveness and UX and design on mobile devices.

Safe-browsing Adherence to GDP guidelines, but also lots of legal restrictions that need to be clarified for the Google bots

HTTPS. Well, seriously if your site is not HTTPS or SSL compliant, you don’t really deserve to be ranked at all. In this, we agree with Google.

Accessible content. In the design of your website, Google is going to check and test all your content types. For example, any pop-ups that cannot be closed in a clear and easy way will now ensure you penalties on your ranking.

According to Google, great page content will be still served first but the UX or design and user experience are becoming an important factor. For you, this means that if your competitors have as good content as yours but also better performance, they will rank higher.

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