Online winter is coming…. and it’s called GDPR

In an effort to legislate the internet or to be more specific the storage, security, and sharing of personal data gathered through websites and apps the European Union has created and agreed on legislation that for the first time in years will have a serious impact on ALL website holders.

In essence: you need a kick-ass privacy statement where all uses and best practices regarding the storing, sharing and security of personal data are covered. Obviously, steps need to be taken to actually secure and store data correctly but in most cases, this is already taken care of by for example Google or Mailchimp or Woocommerce. For small website holders, it becomes much more a legal monster than a technical monster.

So a (newer or better) privacy statement? Yes, and not the one that you ripped from a competitor a few years ago, because really, who cares…… No, this privacy statement needs to be specific for your website including the use of possible third-party plugins or modules and a compliant web host.

Lastly but not least in the slightest, under GDPR legislation you are also obligated to keep track of ALL conversation, discussions, and actions regarding GDPR compliance to your website. At web friendly we do that for our account holders. If you decide to have us do our GDPR compliance check-up we will allow you to use our digital reporting in case of a check by the designated authority.

Now, webfriendly is already compliant in terms of data security and reporting, so if you are already hosting your site on our servers all that remains is to create and publish the privacy statement. Of course, there are a lot of guides, manuals, walkthroughs, steps lists,  white-papers and fully managed services out there. They will, with varying success, generate a privacy statement for you. We will also offer this service and in good 123carefreeWP policy, we have a totally hands-off approach…and a lawyer, not a generator writing your statement specifically for your website.

For a one-time fee of 75 euro per website per language we will:

  • Keep the reporting on GDPR related issues so you can use that in case of an audit.
  • Create and publish a fully custom privacy statement, created by a lawyer and specific for your site
  • Keep track of any changes or amendments to the legislation and roll out updates if needed
  • Make sure you are compliant with European and Dutch legislation.

This also includes the hated first-time visitors’ cookie legislation pop-up with a positive confirmation button or a redirect to a statement page. This will make sure both your GDPR compliance as well as your Cookie legislation compliance is in order.

Of course, we will also provide you with a valid and free SSL certificate for your site, if you do not have that already. This is a MINIMUM requirement for GDPR besides being super important for your SEO ranking.

Do you want to be GDPR ready? Then drop me a line.

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