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This Box is part of a global network of Crossfit boxes around the world. With a new location in Rotterdam The Airport being set up, it was time to rework the old site into a modern fresh looking entity. This is what came out of it: Very strong design choices with the black and white, also because Crossfit could provide us not only with access but also a lot of photos taking during the event and exercising at Crossfit.

For the site, we used WordPress in combination with Elementor and again the Bridge theme. A major point of influence on the design is that this website has even more fragmented and even the opposite audience. On the top, there are those that are interested and want to subscribe to a membership. These are sometimes new, and a lot of webspace is taken up with explaining and convincing these visitors to convert and sign up. The main message is therefore for new members.

For the current members, the site needs to be a forum for the community that is already there but needs to be brought more front and center. In the content generation part of this website, there is a little issue. For example, a blog about Crossfit, in general, would be interesting for both members as all the other visitors.

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