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Kyveli Design

We have started working on the new website which was a part of our strategic advice. So, we decided to build an eshop with WordPress and Woocommerce.

Working closely with the client to transform an idea into a real functional website mainly focusing on the buyers’ journey. We kept the simple and minimalistic lines and we delivered the final product on time.

During the Web management period, we were improving the UX by using different tools and SEO.

In the second phase, we created a page on Etsy platform and we manage in a very short time to increase the shop ranking and generate sales.

About the brand: Kyveli Design tarted as a small Greek jewelry shop in 1982 and has been around for more than 35 years. The client decided to take the classic designs and the Greek artisanal methods online. All the pieces are made of 18-carat gold, which is in line with the exclusive look and feel of the entire line. The classic design, the use of the highest quality materials and the exclusive handmade nature of these pieces make it an addition to any collection.