Romy Noordzij | Praktijknoordzij

Romy Noordzij | Health food expert

Romy did what a lot of entrepreneurs that start working for themselves do: make their own website. We stumbled upon this due to a cooperation of PraktijkNoordzij with Fitmission and I might have commented on the texts on the original site. As the ball got rolling Romy organized a truly fantastic photoshoot, where she engaged with a male friend and another female model. This was the perfect example of investing in great content: the photos are used on the website, but a lot of them will be used in the coming weeks promoting PraktijkNoordij on for example Instagram.

For the site, we used another variation of the Bridge theme together with WordPress and Elementor to built a welcoming website that not only explains clearly what Romy does it also promotes her 1 on 1 session as well as her work with a lot of health and beauty related business.

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