Rutger van Geelen.

Co-owner | Creative Strategist 

Partner and sales strategist of Webfriendly, Rutger knows a lot about web projects, business development, SEO, and other web-related topics.

He is able to advise you on how to improve your web presence. He is also the person behind the communication with Dutch clients. 

Rutger van Geelen


Nice to meet you. My name is Rutger. I am 41 years old and currently living in the center of Rotterdam. I ended up studying History, and used to work on movie sets. Today I am an entrepreneur. and for the last 2 years, I have been a partner in Webfriendly. I am concerned about Trump and the environment, quit smoking a few years ago. I ride a red moped scooter through the city. I am a fan of good cappuccino and light Italian wines. I like mayo on my fries. 

For years I have found that traffic fines in the Netherlands are unreasonably and unlawfully high. I have never been on holiday in Asia and I have no plans. Furthermore, I secretly love Radler and canned artichoke hearts. My favorite lunch is a Caesar salad with poached eggs and no chicken. 

I once wrote a blog about cooking pulled pork, essential spices for the kitchen and how to treat a smelly dishwasher. Then I stopped blogging for myself. My dream is to become an excavator operator one day, but until then I will remain a partner at Webfirendly, building sites and working on those web strategies together with Sofia. Want to know more about me or my businesses? Check out