Search Engine Optimization.

Webfriendly already covered all the bases of your online presence.

We keep your website clean and safe and we have gotten really good at that. We are also offering integrated content services, providing you with texts, photos and moving images of all sorts, to fill your pages and socials with. And now we are expanding even further: we want to take your website and your content production and start working on your organic SEO, making you the online market leader in your niche marketplace. 

How do we want to do that?

We see about 3 different phases ourselves towards a good organic SEO score


The initial phase is based on analysis and competition, together we will create a content calendar. We fill this calendar with ideas for content, keyword suggestions we thought of and which were tested in the analysis. We then create the content, check it and place it with the correct formats and hashtags. This is a continual process with a bit of work in advance and recurring work every month.

External link building

Now that the keywords and content are good and are taken care of, we will grow the content and website in reputation through link building. Through our partners, we have established a wide network of valued and reputational sites we can utilize for this link building. We will also send out your content to influencers, and publishers alike to increase the external link building. 

SEA / remarketing

Now that the number of visitors has grown, we can not only test A / B but also enable remarketing and start running AdWords / Facebook ads. Part of organic SEO growth is that it like so many things online relies on some SEA. Plain and pure targeted advertisement but also to gain social traction. SEA is not only about the clicks, but also about the likes, hearts, follows and comments. 


During all phases, analyzes and reporting take place, whereby the focus shifts from SEO analyzes to conversion analysis. As the number of visitors grows because SEO works, converting those visitors to customers becomes more of a priority, mainly because the data you receive is much more valid than with few visitors.

A Prerequisite and an option for some

Technical SEO is a prerequisite. Some say it doesn’t really matter if your site is fast, but it sure as heck matters a little bit and that is what good SEO is about.

Making little steps and pushes, while moving your site and your online presence and proposition to the front of the line. We offer a one-time optimisation service which simply makes sure your code is running according to the wishes and desires of the Great Google. A score of 90+ on Page insights for both desktop and mobile is a good starting point.

Lastly: Google Maps, for some, mostly those with a physical business location, Google maps is essential, for some service-oriented businesses it is not so important. In any case, all little bits help and we offer a separate Google Maps and Google Business optimization service

Organic SEO

Now, organic SEO is a fast and forever changing tech that requires skills and patience to master and then master again and again.

Therefore there is no guarantee for success. This is why we require time to make progress. You can’t make a tomato without growing a plant over several weeks. Same with organic SEO: we need at least 6 months of commitment, content and perseverance to make any headway in this. There we offer monthly subscriptions for organic SEO growth with a minimum running time of 6 months.

Because we are a start-up, and we have had some bad experiences with hiring external services in the past, we would like to ask you to draw up a quotation if you are interested, but also a list of relevant keywords for your business. In addition, an online competition analysis would also be good. On the basis of those two pieces, we can also assess even better whether we are heading in the right direction.

We would like to receive a proposal based on a monthly amount that we can guarantee for the first 6 months, after which an extension of another 6 months will take place based on the objectives that we can determine together.

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