Web Friendly Services

How can we help?

We combine creativity, strategy, and innovation so as to develop unconventional web solutions that enhance your brand. Our services, insights, and ideas give value to the consumer journey and create a solid experience.
Here at Web Friendly will take your goals and translate them into a beautiful and functional website. We can take care of the creative and technical part from the concept of the idea to the migration of the old websites you might already have.

Our primary focus is ensuring our solutions are as powerful as they can possibly be for your brand.


We develop modern web-based projects on renowned CMS platforms. We can offer a fully functional product that will support business’s needs within the digital world.


We ensure that our solution will be constantly connected to the needs of the people and the stage of the experience.


Increasing visitors and customers for your business, is the main goal of our strategy. We can assure the monthly growth of your business.


We know and understand the basic principles of service design thinking and we are able to add them when creating products.


Our team is here to suggest solutions based on different technilogies and platforms. We can work with WordPress or Drupal, Woocommerce or Magento and others.



Asking the right questions

What is the focus of your website? What are you looking for? Want more visitors? Want a higher conversion? Who is your competitor?

By answering a series of questions, we can manage to set clear strategic goals and decide which technology fits better for your company.

We are creating a plan of action.

Plan of actions

What objective do you want to achieve, how much time and how much do you want to invest for that. At this stage, we make at least a plan for the next 3 months.

Then we evaluate whether the stated growth target has been achieved and what is needed on monthly basis to maintain or accelerate growth. Each month we discuss the mix and goals of next month.

We start taking actions.

Build the future

Once your initial growth goals have been achieved, we are making plans for the future.

IS your website still meeting your user’s needs? Has the number of visitors been increased? Should we propose new solutions? Now we know your business and we know keep about the latest developments in e-commerce, SEO and SEA techniques.

We move to the second stage.

Let’s plan your project

Share a little detail about your project so we can tailor the solution that’s right for you and your business.