Sofia Chalkidi.

Co-owner | Project manager

She is the co-owner of Webfriendly and behind every web project.

Sofia knows how to deliver a functional and friendly website. She is not only able to build a website in WordPress, but also work with other developers on any web-based projects. She is also taking care of your hosting and any technical issues.

Sofia Chalkidi

Nice to meet you. My name is Sofia. I was born and raised in Greece and currently living in Utrecht. I started my studies in Biomedical Laboratory Science, but once I faced the crisis in Greece, I realized that the future is in web development. So, I started following courses and building small websites, while running my own tech startup. After I moved in the Netherlands, I decided to become an online entrepreneur.  Since 2017, together with Rutger we started Kyveli Design. a web shop of Greek fine jewelry.  And we also started Webfriendly, out of frustration.

I am concerned about the environment and poverty and education. I love learning about historical events and other cultures, that’s why I am trying to travel. I am always open to a philosophical conversation while drinking a good wine.  I am a fan of good homemade food and iced coffee even during Winter. I like finding the answers on Google and solving my daily matters on my own. I feel comfortable with the Dutch directness and I am trying to be as transparent as possible. My dream is to expand my online businesses and help others to follow their dreams. 

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