Sofia Chalkidi.

Co-owner | Project manager

She is the co-owner of Webfriendly and behind every web project.

Sofia knows how to deliver a functional and friendly website. She is not only able to build a website in WordPress, but also work with other developers on any web-based projects. She is also taking care of your hosting and any technical issues.

Sofia Chalkidi

Nice to meet you. My name is Sofia. I was born and raised in Greece and currently living in Utrecht. I started my studies in Biomedical Laboratory Science, but once I faced the crisis in Greece, I realized that the future is in web development. So, I started following courses and building small websites, while running my own tech startup. After I moved in the Netherlands, I decided to become an online entrepreneur.  In 2017, together with Rutger we started Webfriendly basically out of frustration and in order to build our websites and ideas. After one year we launched Kyveli Design a web shop of Greek fine jewelry, but Corona forced us to close this project…Until the next one!

I am concerned about the environment and poverty and education. I love learning about historical events and other cultures, that’s why I am trying to travel. I am always open to a philosophical conversation while drinking good wine.  I am a fan of good homemade food and iced coffee even during Winter. I like finding the answers on Google and solving my daily matters on my own. I feel comfortable with the Dutch directness and I am trying to be as transparent as possible. My dream is to expand my online businesses and help others to follow their dreams. 

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