Webshop Development.

Your webshop needs to be (re-)build.

Why? Your webshop is the engine of your business. It needs to function and adhere to the latest standards in technique and design. Building or rebuilding a webshop is just the beginning. You need maximum support and flexibility now and in the future!

A fully customised Woocommerce webshop starts at 2500€

That sounds great, but what’s it going to cost?

We use the webshop plugin Woocommerce on WordPress installation. This is how we  keep cost low while still using a familair design language for your customers. 

Our webshops start at 2500 euros. For this, we will build you a Woocommerce shop and website, powered by WordPress. A webshop is a little bit more expensive because it requires a lot of connections to payment providers, shipping companies and it also requires in most cases a little more work on the product pages.

We have chosen Woocommerce over for example Magento because we feel that most shops do not need the extensive work that a Magento site requires and Woocommerce is well supported, well understood and a perfectly fine way to make a webshop work

We have several webshops ourselves, either based on a dropshipping methodology or even an exclusive jewelry brand. We have built dozens of webshops over the year for our clients, and in comparison, Woocommerce comes out on top, in terms of integration with WordPress, and usability. Check our portfolio for several examples of our work and call us today!

Do I need to do a lot of work? And what do you expect of me?

No, no work, just fun stuff, such as making sure all your products are included.

A webshop has a clear goal. It needs to sell. Whatever you have on offer needs to be sold. This doesn’t happen on the website, as most marketing will be on social platforms or perhaps even offline. But once a customer has an interest in what you have to sell, we have to make sure he or she can get it as smooth and easy as possible. That is what we want from a webshop and this is what we intend to do with every design we make.

A webshop can scale out of control very quickly and needs active support and management. It will also deal with money and privacy-sensitive information, so it is not recommended to go at it alone. The chances of something going wrong with money, clients or orders is huge and opens you up to all kinds of legal issues.

Your create the design but what about the content?

We can help you out there as well. Our you can do it yourself.

For your website, you will need texts, photos and possibly video. This is your content and together with the design, it will determine your success. Some clients prefer to write text and create photos in which case we will advise and edit all the content you want. Some clients prefer someone to do this for them.

We offer copywritting, logo design, photography and video services. Initially we write copy for your website and shoot and edit photo’s that will used for backgrounds, headers, team profiles or product pages. We can create a video to be played on the homepage explaining what you are all about.

This is part of the initial content. In order to keep your website ranking and up to date we also offer subscriptions on texts, photos and videos for your blog or vlog or products. These pieces of content can be used on social networks of your choice as well as marketing materials as well as keeping your website fresh.

Depending on your needs, some content creation is included in our offering. Check out our full content creation services.

If you are using Woocommerce and WordPress,why not do it myself?

Yes, with a basic knowledge of WordPress and Woocommerce you can get a long way. 

This is how we got started. When we built our own websites we did it ourselves. And failed. We had to learn a lot and it took us several years and even more websites to get to the point where we would be comfortable solving any problem that might arise.

Yes, creating a WordPress website is easy. Anyone can do it. But that is not the point. You don’t want a website. You need a website that works. And from going from a default install to a fully decked out website, optimised and easy to maintain, difficult to hack, that is another thing.

This is why you are not paying for ground-up development and a team of experts but rely instead on our expertise in taking these free and open-source tools and connect them in a way that works and makes sense.

What makes you special? Why do you do things differently

Because our goal is not to get as many clients as possible.

We are small business owners and we have a passion for it. We sell jewelry online, design and create beautiful websites, we create interesting content and we are happy doing that.

Webfriendly started out as a way to build and maintain our own online properties. It was an idea started out of frustration. As start-ups, we couldn’t afford an expensive website, but we still wanted to compete with the big boys. That’s why we are different. Our goal is not to make a website, but to share the joy of seeing your success in your online and offline business.

We are entrepreneurs first and technicians and designers second.

Yes! This is what I have been looking for.

Sign me up!

What our clients say

WordPress – offers freedom and flexibility

We EXCLUSIVLY built websites on the WordPress platform. And we are not alone. An estimated 60% of all websites in the world uses the WordPress core to power the website but also the backend, for placing content and making changes.

WordPress is therefor well supported, well-known and very well developed. It is stable and most of all, in times of changes you won need to by a new platform. WordPress is free to use under an open source licences and can be managed by many many creative and IT proffesionals out there. So no more getting stuck with your developer and his bespoke content management platform.

Templates and themes

We always use COMMERCIALLY available 3rd party theme or templated design for your website. We do that for the same reasons we use wordpress. The templates offer a well tested and optimised design system or language that we use to make your website stand out from the rest, without re-inventing the wheel, thus saving costs, making sure the theme has support and updates in the near and distant future. Current themes are so versatile, they will cater to any subject, business type or interaction you want to built for your visitors. And if not: Plugins. This nifty little pieces of code offer extended functionality and are peer-reviewed and updated as time go by. WIth our more then 15 years of building and maintaining websites we have yet to encounter a problem that could not be fixed.


We will help and create the initial content for your site. We will (re-)write your texts if needed, do initial optimalisation and advice on your content creation after launch. If needed we are also able to organise a PHOTOSHOOT or a VIDEO PRODCUTION. In some cases the creation of a website starts with a comprehensive creation of text, photo and moving images.

For photo and video production we work with RENDERREBELS (make url) a video and photography content production company with a worldwide network of freelance creatives