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Web Friendly Team

  • Sofia ChalkidiThe project manager

    Owner of Web Friendly and behind every project. Sofia knows how to deliver a functional and friendly website. She is not only able to build a website in WordPress, but also work with other developers on any web-based projects. She is also taking care of your hosting and any technical issues.

Rutger van Geelen - the strategist
  • Rutger van GeelenThe strategist

    Partner and sales strategist of Web Friendly, Rutger knows a lot about web projects, business development, SEO and other web related topics. He is able to advise you on how to improve your web presence. He is also the person behind the communication with Dutch clients.

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  • Mary BechrakisThe marketeer

    Mary is the owner and Online Marketing Consultant of SoQube. She is the person in charge of all the projects and everything that has to do with marketing goes through her before communicating with the client. A very communicative and creative person that will make your projects run smoothly.

  • Tania PescadorThe content creator

    Tania Pescador is an online marketeer and content creator that can help you find your brands’ voice to engage directly with consumers and build a loyal brand community around your product or service, both online and offline. Social media management, event planning & PR for fashion and lifestyle brands are some of Tania’s areas of expertise.

  • Emilios PeppasThe developer

    Emilios is a Web Developer / Android Developer with a great passion for his work. He is the brain behind every big project. He has successfully developed many Android applications and worked in numerous projects including web applications/websites and mobile apps.

  • Naomï BreedeveldThe photographer

    Naomï Mamen Helmich Breedeveld loves to follow her passions in life. One of them is to use the most universal language of the world, photography. She is an upcoming creative artist who has an open mind for every challenge that comes on her path.