What if your website scored 100% on Google Insights

That’s the question we asked ourselves about 2 months ago. A 100% score on PageSpeed Insights, the website analysis tool that ostensibly rates the website as the search algorithm does.

PageSpeed Insights scans your website on a technical level. It does not look at content, just how your website is coded and displayed. Out of the box, most websites do not score very well here, and Google kindly provides you with almost incomprehensible tips to improve your score. And this is where it gets tricky. The tips that google gives are difficult to translate into actual action. All our websites are based on WordPress, in combination with a Cpanel web server, and optimizing a website for Google is therefore a difficult job.

Check the score of your own website by entering your URL and let us know if you get 100 as well!

After much experimentation, we have found a combination of measures that can get a 100% score on both mobile devices and desktops. We have achieved this by using WordPress for our websites and our own managed webserver. Take a look at the screenshots below. The result is astonishing!

This website went from a somewhat underachieving score of 32 right up to a maximum score of 100 for both desktop and mobile.

Why is it important?

Does it matter? Scoring on PageSpeed Insights does not guarantee anything. There are other tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom speed test that show a completely different result with a 100% score on PageSpeed Insights. And perhaps not all restrictions and requirements imposed on a website by Google are equally good. But GTMetrix and competitors are not from Google and do not claim to be optimized for the Google search algorithm.

Do you go straight to the top of “the search results” with a high score?

No, if your content strategy doesn’t work and your socials don’t support the website correctly, having or not having a 100% score in PageSpeed Insights won’t matter. But don’t you want to have done everything you can to give your website the greatest possible chance of finishing high from a technical perspective? and that for a few hundred euros per website.

I have read several dozens of articles on the effect of a good score on PageSpeed Insights and while they do highlight the differences between the different testing tools, none of the research I found indicated that it was detrimental to your overall SEO score. So why not adhere to an old Dutch saying: “Baadt het niet, dan schaadt het niet” or roughly translated: nothing ventured nothing gained.

Do you have a website based on WordPress and do you also want to score 100% in PageSpeed Insights?

Now that we have cracked the code of what Google PageInsights wants from a website we have been rolling out our Technical SEO package. So far we have optimised 9 websites using this bespoke method and scored 98 on average.

Do you want some more proof? Why don’t you use these URL in PageInsights and see for yourself?


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