Are you stressed when dealing with the technical stuff of your website?

Your website is down. You can’t get emails. After the last update, the homepage looks funny. Your website has been hacked. You can’t access the backend of the website.

Do you find it surprisingly hard to make your website an online success?

User-friendly design, useful content, good SEO, marketing planning, monitoring and optimizing, but do all that reflect my brand?

Wouldn’t you rather spend your energy on growing your business?

I have an important meeting and my website doesn’t look professional. These people said they will check my website, and they never called.


The big problem that keeps a small business website small, is that they don’t know why their website is not growing.

You can look at a lot of successful examples, but how these stores translated to your business? That is where we come in. Webfriendly makes sure your website can grow.


By making sure you can focus on the things that matter.

Such as dealing with customers, creating new products and content and not having to worry about your online presence.

Hosting and security

making sure your website is online 24/7, and easy to reach for your visitors

Design and development

optimising the online experience for your visitors and creating a platform for your message

Maintenance and content

we make sure your websites stays safe and secure over time and help you create the best content possible

So sounds too good to be true? Try us, we are up to the challenge, and our clients confirm this. Still not sure? Sign-up now and receive our hosting service for free for 2 months. Start your carefree experience today with Webfriendly. Contact us for a carefree experience

What our clients say about Webfriendly